Stay with the Locals in Nepal’s Community Homestays

One of my favourite accommodation experiences in Nepal is to stay at the Community Homestays. I’ve been hosted by the homestays in Barauli (Chitwan) and Panauti, as well as the community lodge network on the Annapurna Community Lodge Trek. Now there are several other homestays around the country.

I’ve written about the homestays for Travel Age West, a US travel trade publication. Read an extract here, or the full article on the Travel Age West website.

“I had spent the day walking and cycling around the dusty roads and lush green rice paddies of Barauli village with Jeevan Kumari, my hostess from the Barauli Community Homestay. Her English was excellent, even though she had grown up in the small town, and I enjoyed chatting and getting to know her throughout the day.

In the evening, it was time for my cooking class. Tara, another woman from the village, ushered me into her mud-floored kitchen. I was invited to sit on the floor. Several other women followed us in, but not to help prepare the food — just to watch me “perform.” Apparently, the sight of a foreigner attempting to cook Nepali food in a traditional kitchen can easily turn comical.”

Read the full article here.


  1. Living amongst the locals, residing in their home, eating their food and living theit life must be a great experience for foreigners. I think homestay programs benefits the locals as well. This provides earning opportinities.

    1. Yes, the local people definitely benefit just as much as the visitors, in different ways. That’s why homestays are such a great way to travel.

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