Manila Survival Tips

Here I am writing about what is probably my least favourite Asian city, again–Manila. I think many of these tips are common sense, but it would still pay to keep them in mind for a first-time visit to the capital city of the Philippines.

Read my article ‘6 Manila Survival Tips You Must Know Before Visiting‘ on Travioor; an extract is reproduced below.

“The capital city of the Philippines is a seriously big city with some seriously big-city annoyances. Many travellers get out as soon as possible to enjoy the beaches, jungles and more relaxed towns elsewhere in this beautiful Southeast Asian country. However, Filipinos are friendly people, including those in Manila, and there’s lots to enjoy here too. In case you have a few days to spend in the city, Elen Turner has some advice and tips to make your stay more enjoyable.

1. Traffic is Hectic in Manila

This is always the first thing anyone will tell you about Manila, and will likely be an enduring memory of the city. Even those who have travelled high and low in Asia are shocked by how terrible the Manila traffic is. It’s not uncommon to sit in a traffic jam for two hours and only travel a kilometre down the road. The one saving grace is that Filipinos aren’t overly enthusiastic with the horn (a la India), so at least it’ll only be the car fumes giving you a headache, not the noise. Survival tips for when (not if) you get stuck in traffic are to take a book, not over-pack your schedule, leave for any appointments well ahead of time, and stay close to the airport the night before flying out.”