Inside Himalayas Print Magazine 2017

I’m a writer and editor with many projects on the go at a time. One that I’m especially proud of (and attached to!) from 2017 is the publication of the annual Inside Himalayas magazine. I edit the blog, as well as the print magazine, and also do a lot of writing for it. It is one of my most enjoyable jobs, and has seen me travel all around Nepal as well as to Tibet in the last couple of years, so truly is a travel writer’s dream job.

The print edition came out a few months ago, but it’s just been shared online. Meaning, those of you who aren’t in Kathmandu and aren’t able to pick up a print copy can access it for free online now.

As well as edit this edition, I wrote about 50% of the articles inside. These are on travel in Nepal, India, and Tibet. My titles are:

There are also some great articles on Bhutan, Ladakh and other parts of Nepal from other authors (including my good friend, and one of my favourite writers, Ross Adkin). I hope you’ll take a look! It’s available here.