Great Cities to be a Freelance Writer

While my days of country hopping might just be over (don’t count on it), there is definitely something attractive about a freelance lifestyle that allows you to pick up and follow your heart’s desire. This is even more attractive if you’re a travel writer. And have a strong passport to back up your dreams, of course.

I’ve just had this article published on The Write Life, titled ‘6 Cheap(er) Cities Where it’s Great to Be a Freelance Writer.’ My home of Kathmandu does not feature, because most of the time it’s pretty goddamn terrible! It usually features on lists of the world’s worst places to be a freelancer, along with cities in Bangladesh and India. The internet in Kathmandu goes to sleep for at least a couple of hours each week, usually more, and that’s with a pretty solid home connection. But I manage.

No, you won’t find any South Asian countries on this list for quite obvious reasons, but there’s a mix of North American, Latin American, European and Southeast Asian cities featured. To find out which cities I’ve included, read the full article on The Write Life, here.

Top image: Edgardo W. Olivera/Flickr


  1. Hello Elen,

    Congratulations on the article! I will not only read but comment + share.

    Also, I wonder if you would be interested in writing a follow-up post about websites that could help one kick off his freelance writing career. My colleague + building mate recently found work through an online database for independently located writers called Upwork.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Ariam,
      Thanks for your comment. I know there’s been a lot written about platforms such as Upwork (such as on The Write Life, where this article was published) so I don’t feel like I have anything to add to the discussion at this point.

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