Eat Your Way Around Hoi An, Vietnam

As a vegetarian/pescatarian, Asia is generally a great region to travel in (with the exception of the Philippines, where they treat you like you’re suffering from a mysterious ailment if you don’t eat pig in all its permutations–I blame the Spanish.) Vietnam is especially wonderful, because there is such a variety of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs served with every meal. And most of it is so healthy. I think you could eat your way around Vietnam and come back lighter at the end of it.

Hoi An, on the coast about halfway up/down the skinny country, is often called the culinary capital of Vietnam, and for very good reasons. While food in Vietnam is good everywhere, in Hoi An it’s really something to write about, even for a relative non-food like myself. So that’s what I did. I recently published this article on Travioor titled ‘6 Hoi An Food Experiences to Sample Vietnamese Cuisine’. I’ve been to Vietnam twice, but this is the first time I’ve published anything on it. So enjoy. And then go find your nearest Vietnamese restaurant. Fortunately, we have a few excellent ones in Kathmandu.

Read an extract below, or the full article on Travioor.

6 Hoi An Food Experiences to Sample Vietnamese Cuisine

You could spend a year in Hoi An and still not sample every Vietnamese dish, or visit every restaurant and makeshift stall. Instead of recommending specific places, this article outlines the types of food experiences you should be aiming for in Hoi An, whether you have three days or three weeks in the charming and historic town. Trust your instincts and your taste buds and it will be hard to go wrong in Vietnam’s culinary capital of Hoi An.

1. Take a Cooking Class

In Hoi An, it seems that every second restaurant offers some type of cooking class, so be sure to choose somewhere with a good reputation and professional operations. As well as learning about Vietnamese cuisine and how to prepare it, the best classes offer market tours, boat rides, garden walks and a multi-course sit-down meal at the end. You won’t take those neatly rolled and deceptively simple rice-paper rolls for granted ever again after trying to make them yourself!

Highly-renowned classes such as those offered by Green Bamboo, Morning Glory and Red Bridge fill up fast, so booking a couple of days in advance is ideal.