Club Oasis at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu: Spa Review

I love a good massage, but I’m currently pregnant and that makes the usual therapies uncomfortable or impossible. Yes, ‘pregnancy massage’ is a thing that exists, but I haven’t found a good one in Kathmandu. So, last weekend when staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Boudhanath, I opted for a couple of other treatments instead: a pedicure and a facial.

I’ve been to a few spas in Kathmandu, and think they can be divided into two categories: luxury spas, and those that offer good, affordable, reliable treatments but are a little rough around the edges with the decor. Club Oasis is definitely, definitely in the luxury category. The ambience is calm with candlelight and the sound of running water, the facilities and accessories are spotless, and the staff knowledgeable and attentive.

I started with a pedicure. I mentioned that I’m pregnant? Well, I can no longer reach my feet, so there’d been a bit of neglect down there (not something I’m proud to admit, considering I once boasted a 75-nail-polish strong collection). The 45-minute treatment started with removing the remnants of my old polish, a foot soak, and then exfoliation and massage, before trimming and painting my nails. The selection of polish colours was good, and I chose a sparkly pink-gold. While I enjoyed the treatment, I always feel a little put out receiving a spa treatment that I could have done myself at home.

Photo: Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

My feet felt (and looked) better afterwards, but there was no real heel scrubbing, deep cleansing or extensive leg massage, which is so necessary when you’ve been traipsing the dirty streets of Kathmandu in sandals for months. Perhaps the 90 minute pedicure would have gone there, whereas I had the 45 minute version. My toes looked pretty, but it was more of a cosmetic pedicure than a therapeutic one. If I was able to reach my feet at the moment, I could have given myself a variation of this pedicure at home myself. At around Rs 2000 for the pedicure, it’s still good value by international standards but a little pricey by Nepali ones, and I don’t know if I would go back for a pedicure here.

The next day I had a 90 minute Oxygen Facial, however, and it was excellent. I essentially chose this because there were two 90 minute facials on the menu, and the therapist told me there wasn’t much difference between the two, just a difference in the masque they use. It came in at over Rs 6000 (after taxes), which is extremely expensive by Nepali standards. But I was enjoying a luxury weekend, so didn’t mind the splurge.

I was most impressed that the therapist was so attentive to my needs and comfort, with my rather large belly. It’s not good to lie on my back for too long, so I was supported by lots of towels and cushions. She gave me a couple of opportunities to sit up part way through the facial, and massaged my legs and feet, which was wonderful.

It’s always hard to know what’s going on during a facial because you can’t see what’s being put on your face! But there was cleansing, chemical peeling, massaging, exfoliating and a masque that hardened and peeled off. There seemed to be very little down-time in the 90 minutes, and my skin felt very smooth and moist afterwards. The only thing I would have changed is it would have been great if I’d gotten more of a head and/or shoulder massage. I love when therapists do that during facials, and I only got a little bit of that this time. But still, it was an excellent facial and I would definitely pay for it again.

Club Oasis is one of the pricier spa options in Kathmandu (if not the priciest), so it’s somewhere for a treat or special occasion. But I can definitely say it’s worth the price tag. Globally speaking, it’s not even very expensive, with even the pricier treatments being under $100. Club Oasis also has a beautiful sauna, jacuzzi and steam room for customers to use (unfortunately I couldn’t this time) and there’s a gym next door, plus the beautiful Hyatt swimming pool outside. I definitely recommend this place.

I was a guest of the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, and received a complimentary pedicure. However, I paid full price for the Oxygen Facial.