The Best Things to Do in Manila

I must admit that I really didn’t like Manila, the capital of the Philippines, when I visited in 2016. And that’s really saying something, as I live in what is probably one of the most polluted, corrupt and unsightly Asian cities.

So why did I write an article titled ‘The Best Things to Do in Manila, Philippines‘? Because there are some great things to see and do. It’s an enormous city (almost 13 million in the greater Metro Manila area), so I’m certain that if I’d been forced to stay a bit longer, I would have warmed to it in some way. The Philippines is also a beautiful and diverse country with fascinating history and cultures, so some of that is reflected in Manila, too. And finally, I wrote this article because I know Manila’s a city that travellers either love or hate. My personal favourite city, Delhi, is also one of them. I love it, but thousands of others hate it. So, I think Manila does deserve a chance. I just wouldn’t hurry back.

From the old walled Spanish city to the shopping malls, here are some suggestions for the best things to do in Manila. Read an extract below, or the full article on Travioor.

“The capital of the Philippines is not a city that makes it onto many travellers’ top-10 lists. Manila is huge and choked with traffic, and there are so many spectacular natural spots elsewhere in the country beckoning. However, as many travellers to the Philippines will need to pass through Manila on a layover, it’s worth picking a few sights to check out. The Philippines is a country unlike any other in this region, and as such, its capital offers some fascinating historical and cultural sites.

The traffic in Manila is notoriously bad and the public transport is not extensive, meaning it can take a long time to travel short distances. Therefore, it’s wise to plan what you’d like to see and do in advance. Taxi apps are the best way of getting around, and much cheaper than regular cabs. What is called Manila by outsiders is actually a huge metropolis of 17 ‘cities’. For all intents and purposes for the visitor, these should be treated as large districts of the enormous capital city region of Manila.”