7 New Zealand Trails You Should Hike

Did you know that the New Zealand English word for hiking or trekking is ‘tramping’? Well it is. I’d never considered myself an avid tramper, because when I used to live in New Zealand I wasn’t much into outdoor activities (understatement; see photo above in which I am going for a bush walk with a white leather handbag. LOL). It’s only since I moved to Nepal that I got into trekking. So now that I’m in New Zealand again, I suppose I’d better start saying that I’m a tramper. Hmm.

Anyway, I wrote an article on New Zealand hikes/tramps for World Nomads. It’s called ‘Tramping on the North Island: 7 Trails You Should Hike’ and you can read it here. Here’s an extract and outline of the hikes covered in the article, in case you want to read more.

Tramping on the North Island: 7 Trails You Should Hike

Even though the North Island is the more densely-populated of New Zealand’s two main islands, towns are still few and far between once you leave Auckland and Wellington.

It’s an island of volcanic peaks, dense bush, stunning coastline, high plateaus, rolling farmland – pretty much, this is perfect hiking territory, or ‘tramping’, as the Kiwis say.

Read the full article here.